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Trade Finance

Trade loans are facilities used by importers, exporters and domestic traders. They are short term in nature and each lend will be for a specific transaction. These facilities are usually used for product purchases and sales.


Immediate cash to pay suppliers


Letters of credit


Create better trade partners.


Expand your business quickly.

$1,100,000 equipment financing for

a construction company


$1,800,000 refinance for car wash

in GA to consolidate multiple loans

into one commercial debt.


$475,000 AR for metal finishing

company in FL to immediately

purchase new materials for new project


Trade Finance Options

Don’t wait 30, 60 or 90 days for your customer to pay. NuPoint can turn your ARs into working capital the same day you performed the work for your customer. We focus on your customer’s ability to pay so your personal credit is not a factor. AR Financing is a great solution for slow paying customers and businesses that are growing quickly and need working capital quickly to continue to do so.

Never miss out on an order opportunity again. Purchase Order Financing with NuPoint can be utilized by wholesalers that have purchase orders that cannot fulfill due to lack of capital. We can establish an account that will pay the supplier expense of the purchase order and allow you to get the deal done and maintain your reputation as a company that can fulfill. The facility is paid once your client pays for the goods.

Receiving a large order should always be a great win for your business. Unfortunately, sometimes these orders can be crippling to manufacturing businesses that don’t have the amount of capital required to purchase all the necessary components to create the end product. Production Financing is a tool that your manufacturing business can use to insure these orders get fulfilled.


Supply chain financing (also known as Reverse Factoring) is a great tool that your business can use to purchase inventory. Using this financing tool, your business can pay its suppliers as soon as they invoice for the goods you are purchasing. By doing this, you maintain your reputation as an immediate payer that does not require any financing. The small fee is charged to the supplier who is essentially financing that fact that they don’t have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to receive their money.

Increase your sales by extending credit to your customers. This extension will allow your business to grow more rapidly by attracting larger and/or higher-margin sales. It’s also a great tool to attract new customers and build loyalty.

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